Nissan x trail 2 5 4x4 le 2014 id 56984373 type main Car Fund

We are family of 3 serving the Lord in the area of Canton Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We have ministry working with teen moms and at risk youth in our area. Over the past year we have experienced a lot of car trouble and invested a lot of money in our vehicle. We are in need of a reliable vehicle to be used for both personal and ministry use. We will be selling our car in June and need to buy something as soon as possible. Due to the lack of public transportation, distance between schools, and for safety reasons it is difficult for us to continue doing ministry, running personal errands, and teaching without a car. Praise the Lord we have found a good and reliable vehicle that we want to purchase. It is a 2014 4x4 Nissan X-trail. We have someone who wants to buy our car in June and we plan on putting the money we get from selling our car towards purchasing this vehicle. Unfortunately, because of the high mileage and condition of our current vehicle we will not receive a large amount of money when we sell it. In order to purchase the Nissan we need to raise an additional $7,000 by June 13th to give as a down payment and then we plan to finance the remaining $8,000. We ask that you please consider donating towards the purchase of this vehicle and sharing in the work that we are doing with teen moms and youth here in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Once the first $5,000 is raised, we have received a promise of an additional $1,000 towards the down payment. Please help us raise these funds! Every gift is a HUGE blessing no matter how big or small and all donations go towards purchasing this vehicle for our family to be able to continue our ministry in Costa Rica. Would you be willing to help us reach our goal? We believe that God will provide the finances and that He will continue to bless those who work and give to further His Kingdom.

Funding Goal: $16,000.00
Funding received: $11,435.64

Donation Amount for Car Fund (in US Dollars): $