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Dominican Republic 2017 Northfield Baptist Church

April 11, 2017

Dr 2017

“Operation D.R. Team” is a special intergenerational ministry group from Northfield Baptist Church (NBC), Northfield, OH.  The 19 member team was established to assist and encourage missionaries, national Christians and their local churches in cross-cultural settings in the Dominican Republic.  Their 2017 ministry begins on Saturday, July 8 and will conclude on Sunday, July 16.  Pastor Joel, born and raised in the D.R. has been pastoring in the town of Bani on the south west coast of the Dominican for some time now and has become very good friends with both Greg Perelka and Mark Ashley, pastor of Northfield Baptist. The three gentlemen have created a ministry partnership which will engage NBC for many years to come.  

The team will be involved in ministries consisting of Vacation Bible School, coaching a volleyball clinic for girls, assisting with street evangelism, working  on construction projects, along with sharing  their testimonies. 

 In addition to their ministries while in the D.R., the overall team objectives are:   

  1. To physically assist in any local church with building projects.  

  1. To spiritually admonish and encourage the national pastors and Christians living and serving in Bani and surrounding area.  

  1. To impact as many nationals as we can with the gospel by making the most of every witnessing opportunity afforded to us while en route and in the D.R.  

  2. To minister the Gospel of Salvation to spiritually needy people via VBS & Volleyball clinics.

  3. To absorb and assimilate as much of the culture and the customs of the people of the D.R. during the time allotted to us.  

  4. To bring glory to God by our actions, witness, and words. 

 The cost of the trip is $1,500 per person. This includes air fare, lodging, food, ground transportation and overseas medical insurance. 

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