What Makes Us Different

“What makes Compass 28:19 different from other ministry organizations?” The answer lies in our five core characteristics: Short-Term Focus, Ministry Excitement, Discipleship-Driven, Local Church Commitment, and Customized Trips.

Short-Term Focus

There are evangelical mission agencies all over the world. While many of these agencies have established ways to handle short-term missions, these trips are not their primary focus. At Compass, we want to do one thing and do it well. Our entire focus is on short-term ministry trips. When you think of “short-term,” we want you to think of Compass.

Ministry Excitement

The number of people who have participated in short-term mission trips in the last decade is astonishing. Conservative estimates suggest that more than one million people will participate in a short-term mission trip this year alone. Who is helping to plan, organize, and facilitate these trips? If you are a church, a youth group, a college student, or someone who is excited about short-term ministry, Compass can help!


There is no shortage of opinions on the value of short-term missions. “Is that the best use of all that money?” “Wouldn’t it be better to just give the money to a missionary or national pastor?” “Do people really come back changed in a lasting way?” “Does giving to and praying for missions really increase after returning from a short-term mission trip?” These are just a few of the questions we have wrestled through.

At Compass, we believe that short-term ministries are extremely profitable if done correctly. Real and lasting value can only come from these experiences when they are driven by discipleship. Short-term ministry trips are valuable avenues for one-on-one teaching, group interaction, leadership training, cultural education, and worldview exposure. Through pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip training and evaluation, we believe that lasting change and growth can be accomplished. This discipleship drive may seem like it would detract from a focus on serving national pastors, missionaries, and local believers, but rather, we believe it provides an excellent context for discipleship to take place.

Local Church Commitment

Many of the already established short-term mission organizations work with individuals or groups outside of a local church. Our passion is to work alongside local churches to help them carry out their God-given responsibility of discipleship. While many of our trips revolve around college students, we recognize that these students are members of the church. So, whether we are assisting a mixed-age group, a youth group or an adult ministry from one specific church, or we are helping a group of college students from many different churches, our desire is to partner with the local church.

Customized Trips

At Compass, we do not believe in a “One Size Fits All” ministry trip. Over the years, we have organized and led dozens of trips. Each trip was different because each team is different. We believe that the best way to partner with local churches is to tailor a short-term ministry trip to their particular needs. Whether a church wants to visit a supported missionary or chooses to send a team to one of our selected trip locations, we can help. Our desire is to assist the local church in organizing a trip that will have long-lasting impact both for the team and the sending congregation.